Top 10 Benefits to Hiring an Event Planner

1. Professional Sounding Board: Susan Phillips listens to her clients and offers sound advice and recommendations rooted in over 20 years of experience organizing conferences and events. The SGP team knows what works and how to effectively troubleshoot problems to ensure your vision is realized and your event runs seamlessly.

2. From Big Picture to the Little Details: From assisting clients in fine-tuning their visions to ensuring an event appears to run seamlessly, SGP ensures every aspect is planned for and taken into consideration. Susan Phillips and her expert vendors enable clients to meet their objectives and put on a logistically seamless, memorable event.

3. Stay On or Under Budget: With years of industry experience, SGP knows what things should cost and the difference in value. Susan Phillips helps clients navigate price tags and balance their priorities to stay on or under budget.

4. Strong Vendor Relationships: SGP has longstanding relationships with the vendors and suppliers necessary to bring clients’ conferences and events to fruition.

5. A Negotiator in Your Corner: Susan Phillips is skilled at negotiating contracts with vendors and suppliers, ensuring that clients get what they want and what they pay for. SGP knows when to push a vendor to ensure clients get the best value for their investment.

6. Adhere to Your Timeline: SGP manages numerous vendors prior to and during a conference to guarantee it runs seamlessly and on schedule. A well-organized logistical coordinator, Susan Phillips ensures her client’s timeline is adhered to so attendees can enjoy themselves.

7. Save Money: With industry expertise and over 2 decades of experience organizing events and conferences, Susan Phillips has a track record of saving client’s money without sacrificing event quality. Often, a skilled event planner will save a client up to 10% of their total budget costs.

8. Minimize Stress: SGP coordinates logistics and troubleshoots issues that arise, ensuring clients’ events run seamlessly. Because the difference in the stress level of a client who has a professional planner and one who doesn’t is significant, Susan Phillips works hard so you can relax and enjoy the event with your guests.

9. A Wealth of Knowledge: Susan Phillips brings years of experience working with diverse clients to the table, so clients can benefit from her expertise in protocol, etiquette, contract negotiation and logistical planning. Committed to best business practices and two-way communication with clients, SGP ensures each event is innovative, memorable and achieves results.

10. Enjoy the Process: With a professional planner in your corner, clients are able to enjoy both the event itself as well as the process of working with SGP to meet their objectives. Susan Phillips listens to her clients’ priorities and concerns, shaping events that realize their vision.

Your event is an investment. Let SGP Conferences and Events Ltd. help you capitalize on it. Contact us for more information or a free consultation.