5 Indoor Event Activities That’ll Keep You Out of the Cold


When the weather outside is painfully cold and you have an upcoming event, don’t make the mistake of organizing something outdoors. Your guests will be longing for refuge in no time. Grumpy guests (and frostbitten guests, for that matter) aren’t happy guests. At SGP Conferences and Events, we plan engaging event activities that impress, whether they’re indoor or outdoor! Being that we’re cruising through January, here are a few indoor event activities to keep in mind if you’re throwing a mid-winter event. They’re also great options to keep in mind year-round.

  1. Cheers (and Bring Your Appetite!)

It’s tough to argue with the sentiment that the way to a guest’s heart is through their stomach. Creating an event around one’s discerning taste buds is a sure way to keep your guests entertained, especially when good wine is involved. A well executed, fun and informative wine tasting and food pairing is a definite crowd pleaser. Bring in a sommelier and chef to lead a class on wine tasting and how to best pair wines with complimentary foods such as figs, dark chocolate, brie, stilton or a fresh loaf of bread. SGP Conferences and Events has run such events before, and it’s amazing how the same port can taste so different with various foods

  1. Bring On the Ice Capades

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t create a milder winter wonderland for your guests. One way to enjoy a winter activity without worrying about the extreme bitter cold or wind chill is to organize an indoor ice skating event. To bring the event to another level, bring in a DJ, add some lighting and – perhaps most importantly – serve hot chocolate and cookies. These are the ingredients of a fun skating party!

  1. A Night At the Museum.

If you think your group would be more comfortable with a cold-free indoor activity, scout out a great museum or science centre in or around your city. If you can take advantage of group rates, organize a private guided tour after hours. Budget permitting, you can also host an elegant reception or networking event, where guests can mix and mingle while checking out fantastic displays after hours. Add hors d’oeuvres, wine and cheese to the mix to make the event complete and give it a VIP feel.

  1. There’s no I in Team.

Outdoor team building events can be a breath of fresh air….but not when the weather is so cold that you can see your breath! Host an indoor team building event during the winter months to improve camaraderie, trust and communication skills amongst your team. Integrating competitive group games is usually a hit, if well-executed. You might consider creating a trivia game where the questions are based on information about your organization or industry. Be sure to include prizes or incentives that will motivate full participation! The SGP Conferences and Events team has decades of experience planning top notch team-building events.

  1. Ping Pong Pow Wow.

If you want to have an easy-going, fun evening outing with your team, organize a ping pong tournament and have everybody compete round-robin style.  As people get eliminated, encourage them to stay on the sidelines (preferably with a drink in hand) and cheer those who are still playing. To make sure everyone is entertained and sticks around until the event is complete, hold a raffle with an attractive prize and draw the winner at the end of the evening. If you want to infuse “fun” into your office spirit, have some gag gifts for random achievements like “most balls lost under the sofa” or “coolest looking under pressure”! Also be sure to organize a multi-round competition so everyone gets plenty of opportunities to participate.

So, there you have it. You can indeed host an event indoors that keeps your guests both warm and – importantly – entertained. At SGP Conferences and Events, we take the stress out of the planning process and trouble-shoot any issues that may arise on the day of your event. This allows all members of your organisation – including the organizing committee – to enjoy the event along with their colleagues.

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